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The Secret Fantasy of a London Escort

The Secret Fantasy of a London Escort girl photo
We have found there's nothing hotter than hearing the fantasies of hot girls. We all know what our own fantasies are, but the girls that are within our agency have some pretty hot fantasies of their own – and we have asked one to share with us hers. We couldn't believe what she had to say for herself.

"I have fantasized about being called up to meet a man at his hotel room. The room key is left at the front desk and I go to pick it up. When I get up to the room, there is no one inside. On the bed, there is a note that says to make myself comfortable and head into a shower."

"I slowly take all of my clothes off and head to the shower. There are some wonderfully smelling shower gels and shampoos inside and it's not long before I'm letting my hands wander across my body as I work the shower gel into a lather. I hear the bathroom door open and a male voice announce himself. He asks if he can come in and give me a hand."

"Hearing what a masculine voice he has, I quickly agree and step under the shower head to make room for him. He is nude and praises my body as he takes a good look at me. He asks for the bottle of shower gel and asks if he can provide me with a massage. I hand him the bottle and turn to allow him access to my full body. The man is an expert and provides me with a sensual massage from head to toe, leaving me panting with desire."

"He then asks me to get down on my knees so he can better access my hair. He wets my hair and shampoos it, while I make myself busy showing just how pleased I am to have all of this being done to me. I feel like royalty and this man is more attractive than I could have hoped for. He uses his fingers all across the top of my head and pulls on my hair a little as I pleasure him on my knees. He then asks me to stand up and rinse my hair while he plays with my breasts."

"We both get out of the shower and he wraps me in a large towel. He quickly follows behind me. He drops his towel and asks for my hand. I let my towel drop and he leads me to the large bed in the middle of the room. He opens up the drawer to the nightstand where there are all sorts of toys. He smiles and tells me that tonight is about me and asks me to pick one of the toys. I provide him with a devilish grin and ask him if I have to just choose one."

"For hours, we take turns pleasuring each other before passing out on top of each other in the sheets."

This is one of the more erotic fantasies we have heard from our girls, though many share some incredible ones – and they would love to share those fantasies with you, too. All you have to do is ask to hear about them.

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