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Give us a chance

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No known association with the 1960s band of the same name, yet more probable determined, as proposed by John Carey in a 1828 release of the Gentleman's Magazine, from the words recounted by the pastorate of the medieval St Paul's as they walked in a parade through the London:
Give us a chance to assume processioners assembled and marshaled at upper end of Paternoster Row next Cheapside. These start to walk westbound, and start to serenade the 'Paternoster', proceeded with this the entire length of the road (thus Paternoster Row). On landing in [the] base of the road they enter Ave Maria Lane, in the meantime starting to serenade the 'Welcome of the Virgin' or 'Ave Maria' which proceeds until achieving Ludgate Hill, and traverse to Creed Lane. They there initiate the serenade of the 'Philosophy', which proceeds until they achieve the spot now called London Corner, where they sing the finishing up London.
A few entryways in the court still have antiquated connection dousers from the days when occupants would pay alleged connection young men to keep running in front of them lighting the way with a light or connection. These eventual extingushed upon landing, whereupon the kid would take off looking for another 'charge'.
Offering its inceptions to the previously stated London Corner, London Court for a long time gave settlement to the recorders, residentiary ordinances and minor groups accumulated around St Paul's Cathedral.
Shockingly a sensibly strong looking, three-story redbrick gatehouse on Warwick Lane monitors the path into this little, disengaged enclave with its focal yet mystery garden: confirmation is just conceivable by earlier application to the Dean and Chapter of St Paul's Cathedral. On the other hand one may sneak a peep, in which case investigate the Minor Canons' House and Nos 1–3 which was once home to the colossal mind Sydney Smith – Hesketh Pearson's Smith of Smiths – who was a Canon of St Paul's in the 1830s, and later to R.H. Barham who penned the Ingoldsby Legends.

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